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How Emojis Help Us Express

Posted by Cindy LeClair on

The simple emoji smile has captured hearts and created fun, but after talking to a 22-year friends of mine the other day, I realized these emojis are so much more than smiling faces and silly little monkeys.


This friend of mine has always been shy.  She has never felt comfortable speaking up or voicing her opinion, which has made it difficult to express herself.  Emotional expression is just plain difficult for her to do in words.  However, hand her an iphone and watch her express like crazy with emojis.  She pours out love and affection and laughter.  Her face lights up, and I can see her coming to life as she is able to communicate in ways she can't verbally.  It is a joy to watch.


And this is why we love emojis, and we love bringing them to life!


How Do You Emoji? 

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