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Emoji Clothing Tattoo Variety Pack: 1 Nature & 2 Large Face

  • $ 10.75

Emoji Fabric Tattoo Variety Pack: 62 Total 
Two Large-Sized Face Packs and One Nature Pack

Nature Pack .75-inch tattoos
Regular-Sized Face Pack 1.25-inch tattoos

These emoji fabric tattoos are amazing. Apply them in seconds to your shirt, shoes, backpack, pants, socks, almost anything. Easily removed in the wash!

Rub-on, no ironing necessary!

  • 30 large tattoos  || 32 nature tattoos
  • Tattoo Size: Large - 1.25 inches || Nature - .75 inches
  • Easy to remove, non-permanent
  • Washable
  • Ages 3+

Please note: these are fabric tattoos for clothing and accessories and not for skin

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